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Friday, July 26, 2013

Triumph De Jur Standard

This one was a surprise on craigslist, but then the seller recognized me when I emailed and it took a few days to connect up.  Thanks Nick!

So, the only 6-digit serial numbers seem to be in 1956?
The Davis Typewriter Works review of the same model can be seen here
They really seem to be the same, down to the control buttons for the Grundig Stenorette, and the 6-digit serial.
This is my first one ever with the paper feed lever too.  Neither my SG1 nor Adler special has it.


  1. I dated it to 1956, too. It seem like it would be right considering that it would have to have been sold here in '57 or '58. Alan Seaver has some good information on his De Jur

    The glue they used for the badges must just completely deteriorate with age! The Triumph I found that I told you about has its badge, but it fell off as soon as I brought it home! I'm glad it waited for me.

  2. Interesting how paths crisscross. Congratulations, the Triumph looks awesome.

  3. As a fan of Triumph two-wheeled products, I'm especially envious of this machine.

  4. I have a Triumph portable and I am looking for the name badge from the Top Cover of the carry case, can anyone help?

    1. I'm missing one on a portable too. If there's any help for that via my own blog, i get first dibs! ;-]

  5. Nice typewriter. Every now and again I see one on Epay, but for me I need to stick with portables due to lack of storage space.

  6. Handsome! And not exactly svelte, is it? I'm put in mind of a baleen whale...

    Speaking of large things, I have a Royal QDL here with your name on it, but preferably with your mailing address on it, which I need! Kindly drop a line to me at mpclemens@gmail and I'll get it on its way.


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