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Saturday, December 7, 2013

underwood 18

While I had it out, I made a type sample and added a gallery to the typewriter database.


  1. Are the slugs hitting the platen unevenly or is the ribbon shot? I've had some with hard platens that were fine once I installed a new ribbon and used a backer sheet.

    Nice typewriter and type face.

  2. My first inclination is to look at the ribbon. But there appears to be a bit of ribbon rubbing on the page. I have a feeling that there's some bigger issues with this guy.

  3. yeah, a backing sheet does help some, but really it just needs a bit more force than I use. Then when I try to strike a bit harder, I mistype more often. That's a fairly new ribbon that admittedly may be drying out.

  4. I remember reading somewhere (on the Typosphere) that these are not very good typewriters even when in good condition. I have no firsthand experience of them though. :)

  5. Antares ... not known for great quality.


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