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Friday, January 31, 2014

wow what a week


  1. That watch should be child's play for a decent watchmaker, NA. Does the serial number start with a 16 or 18? I can't tell from the photo. If it's 16, it would date back to 1958. If it's 18, then that puts it at 1961. Being hand wound, it'll run forever, too. That watch is gonna purr when you get it back. Nice.

    1. It's a 18 serial. Silly me I failed to get a shot of the inside back cover, which I want for additional detail from the Omega website.

    2. You know, NA, that for fifty euros (I think), if you contact Omega with the serial number and possibly the case number of the watch, they will send you a an extract from their archive. Sort of like a birth certificate of your watch, detailing when it was produced and which country it was originally sent to.

  2. Congratulations to your treasures and how good to see the Swiss typewriter work so well. It's a good thing to celebrate these moments.

  3. Beautiful works in that watch.

    My first watch was an Omega handed down from my grandfather.

  4. Nice watch. First one of those I've seen.

    Hermes space bar screw tightening requires removing the base plate. Just take out the screws. lift up on the plate until it clears the front enough to slide to the left and remove it. I generally press the space bar a bit when removing and replacing the base plate.


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