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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

bikecast just to bikecast

picture found on Bing.


  1. Circuitry for those old LEDs are getting hard to come by, NA. I would steer clear. Or buy it for the gold content alone. Assuming it's solid.
    And the Hamilton used in the first scenes of "Live And Let Die" was one of the first LED watches ever made. I think, from memory, that Hewlett-Packard created the first ones a couple of years earlier.

    1. The price was way way out of my league, especially for what I consider a curiosity these days. The Hamilton went for under 30, which was pretty tempting. The added shipping knocked it out of my consideration.

  2. I remember those old LED watches. I wouldn't mind finding a good used one if it were in good condition and priced low enough. I too had a TI LED watch at one time. I forget if I was still in college or just finished college.

  3. I had on in grade school. My mother bought it for me from the corner drugstore. Don't remember the brand, but it was an early one - gold-filled with a red LED when you pushed the button. One day, while I was sitting in class, bored out of my skull and pushing the buttons on the watch just to pass the time, I discovered that - if I pushed them in the right sequence - the screen would display a very rude pair of words instead of the time. I showed this to my friends and instantly became the coolest guy in class.

  4. I remember the TI used up batteries abominably. It took two at about $4 each and they lasted only a month. I think the watch cost about $15 but I had gotten it for Christmas so I'm not sure.


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