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Sunday, June 7, 2015



  1. Being busy is perfectly understood. I hardly have time to post anything myself. I've been keeping my collections files on a USB stick. One for each collection.
    Hope to hear you on Field Day. Club call or your own? Hopefully I'll be on the CW sections of the bands. Undecided on QRP 1 op. battery or the club.

    1. I'll be part of W7DK's field day. I work the overnight usually as befits my introversion. Will you be operating with a club? I have a backup drive but in a horrible bit of bad timing I'd moved my files ONTO the pc so I could use it at work for the transition to a new pc there.

    2. Still undecided, but closer to working with the club, AF2C from the Flagler Beach EOC. I doubt I can work over night there though due to my wife's disability. If I work CW from home I'll be using my call AI4WM.

  2. Zines? Small typeface (ore use a big one if you are going to shrink it). Don't try to justify and avoid hyphenation 'ladders'. Typewriter ink smudges so use a cover sheet to press down if you are cutting and pasting old-school style. Maybe try and find a carbon ribbon, or at least use one with good ink. Have fun!


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