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Sunday, September 11, 2016

"I feel like I need to get a typewriter right now."

That's what the girl said as she walked away with her group.  She was the one who typed about going to a baptism.
We were supposed to work registration, but the lead or whatever had us go to the driveway of a hotel nearby and keep the participants from getting creamed.  I had brought the underwood 319 to load up with a registration paper.  With the change in assignment I just put it out on a sturdy post for people to type whatever they felt like.  It was mildly popular.  Some pics may turn up, which I'll post if I can.  My phone was acting up so I didn't get any myself until we got home.


  1. You know putting out a typewriter for passersby to type on is something like using a wifi sniffer to steal packets of data out of the aether. The typewriter steals thoughts from random passersby, who are drawn to speak to it in the way that people are no longer drawn to speak with strangers.


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