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Saturday, May 20, 2017

cleaner and coming to life

See how nicely those have been preserved?  only the two on the right end show much grime. Action is still a bit stiff but with some oil drops here and there and just typing on it, that is improving.

SN is 1A-1918923-12.  it looks very similar to the 1941 gallery, but presumably they didn't change much during the war.  I'm surprised there are SN's for the war years at all, frankly, but I guess donations didn't cover every need.
I just need to get a new ribbon in here and use it some more.

In other news, I was outbid on an Olivetti Lettera 36 electric portable.  I only tried for it because of the floating keyboard as seen on the Praxis 48.


  1. The TI-FA dealer label is gorgeous--it was short for Tibor Farkas, who fled the Hungarian revolution, and opened a long-lived typewriter shop in Seattle.

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