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Friday, July 15, 2011

the goodwill outlet

I get a lot of my typers lately from the place I have called the "pound," and now that I've replaced my camera phone (lost on new year's eve), I'm able to take pics again out where I see them.
Brace yourself -  this ain't no Geneva market!

Over to the left you see the wall of the bin.  It's about 6 feet by 3 and there are 3 in a row, and several rows.  This Sears electric was a surprise, it looked like a manual machine with a black clamshell top, but there is a socket in the back for a 3-prong plug (like 90's pc's all had).
Here is a view of the rear label, I suspect it's a Brother product.

In the next bin over was another surprise in the riot of colors.  I found the lid first.  See if you can spot all three pieces.  It'll be easier for you as I have pre-arranged them for you, and the ribbon cover I had found upside down after some digging.  This is fairly typical of how I find them.  Now you see why I call them "rescue dogs." 

It's a J2.  I rather liked the J4 I sent my nephew last Christmas, I expect this is pretty much the same.  We'll see. I won't have time to look at it until probably Sunday.


  1. As I always say, I may find a lot of typewriters but your rate of acquisition is far higher! Looking forward to learning how the J2 works out for you.

  2. That's only because I keep promising to cycle them through. I really need to get the etsy shop started. My market is not as glamorous as yours though.

  3. I think we in America see it as more glamourous than Adwoa really sees it since they're things we never see much here but are more common there.

    Incidentally...we all seem to want those European typers!

    That's a lovely Sears, really. I think it's a Nakajima though..but that's my uneducated opinion.

  4. There's some of that, sure, but what I meant was that this outlet store is not as glamorous as most places we get machines, they are abused and neglected and what doesn't sell is headed for the landfill. That's why I "rescue" them. plus it's cheap.

  5. I'm love your name for the Goodwill Outlet. I think I'm going to start calling it that now.


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