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Saturday, July 9, 2011

typewriter shopping

I hit a few shops today and found ALL electric machines.  Two of them were pretty interesting and unused-looking.  I didn't buy them because, as we know, that way lies madness, but I'll try to recall some points of interest.
There was a"Super Correct" if I'm recalling that accurately.  Typical 60's SCM but with black accents.  It was loaded with a regular red/black ribbon so I don't know where "correct" came in unless it was a separate mechanism or had the "wrong" ribbon loaded.
 The 2nd was a Sears SCM (why are they following me?) with the same SCM body but a strange "power ribbon" that looked like a regular ribbon in weird enclosed spools.  I suspect the are motor-driven somehow.  That one had the book I really should have checked it.  The "Power Ribbon" switch had four colors around it - red, black, blue and green.  No idea how that works.
Other than those there were a few 80's ones and a lot of wedges.
online, I found this Underwood and I can't date it or decide if I want to bid on it:

So, if anyone recognizes that model I'd be grateful for any info.


  1. Looks a lot like my No 5, except for the CR lever, which is much longer than mine.

  2. I thought it looked a bit more compact than their standards though. Not sure

  3. Aw, you should have got that Sears! I love them too much really, I have 3 of them all rather similar. Though admittedly one is for parts for the other two, I've switched body parts with one to give the good one a green bottom instead of dull brown.

    And with the manual and that kind of ribbon! (I have a ribbon like that, they're incredibly rare now I'm told) Go back and buy it I say! :p

  4. hmm it would cost about $7 and a lot of marital stress... what would you pay for the ribbon and manual? or the whole thing?
    It looks just like your red/black machine.

  5. Peter, did you win this bid? I'm curious.

  6. this one doesn't end until the 17th

  7. Hey! Would I be able to get that Olympia Socialite? I'd be interested in taking it!

  8. what Socialite was that? I've been looking for one myself for awhile now.

  9. Sorry, I guess it wasn't you who had the Socialite. I remember reading someone's blog post about wanting to gt rid of a Socialite, claiming they think it's too "clunky." Yeah right!


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