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Sunday, July 3, 2011


We rode from Tenino Quarry to the Monarch Scupture Park and back - 18 miles total.  It was not all that hard even with the Road Rash I earned yesterday (left forearm - why do I always fall to my left?).  After the ride we met up with Little Flower Petals for a park type-in.  See what you miss when you don't follow the comments?
In another note, I wish I'd made the ibm box a prize for completing my crossword puzzle.  I may have to just make up another.  bwa-ha-ha.

There are several Letterboxes at the Monarch.  I had to draw because I didn't bring my stamp


  1. That was fun! Thanks for meeting up with me. Hopefully I didn't completely overwhelm you with the pen stuff. ;) And if you have any questions about the Core, refilling or otherwise, don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Looks like a great mini-adventure and type-out at an intriguing sculpture park. Too bad it's closing.

  3. For all the fantastic things around me within skating distance (I'm a hockey player and haven't owned a bike in a long time, sad to say) a sculpture park is not one of them. There is one in a suburb closer to Chicago and I must say you have inspired me to make the trek. But I think I'll take my car! ;u)

  4. yeah it was an hour's drive and THEN a 9 mile bike ride. So same here really. I'd like to do a Richardesque bikecast but we don't stop enough to type the notes.


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