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Thursday, July 7, 2011



  1. Try an Etsy shop! The listing fees are really reasonable, and I'm sure you'd be profitable; people love typewriters! (I think.) Even I managed to sell one thing on there and I had to ship it all the way from Switzerland to the States, which was a bit of a hassle, admittedly. I was hoping there'd be more Swiss on there, but sadly not.

    I think of all the creative ideas I've been reading about for reanimating platens, yours takes the cake! Why not a bike inner tube, which was also mentioned on the forums? A similar concept to the balloon, but it should hold up better. Thoughts?

  2. i have a few more balloons, so I'll be trying again. inner tube, eh? hmmm

  3. I like your thinking. I'd considered innertube but worried it may be a little soft (then again, I don't know how soft a NEW platen would be) or maybe so thick as to make the type mis-strike the paper. But then, why would it. It could well be the answer for a slightly under-performing Remington Noiseless of mine, though I'd need to screw up the courage to take the platen off. Maybe I'll try on my Frankenstein's Corona 4

  4. That's why the tests are on the SCM's with pop-out platens! I'm taping the ends for the next balloon test.


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