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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ten bucks

This store has been a bust for months but today they had an olympia

here it is.  sm7?


  1. Yet another! Yes, that's an SM7. Did you buy it?

  2. Never EVER seen one of these in the wild. Had to go way out of my way for my Olympias. Nice find!

  3. I think I would trade an SM3 for a Torpedo, just to compare. That's what I can't get my hands on here. I'd really like to know where our received understanding of SM numbering originates, particularly with respect to 8's and 9's. tw-db doesn't even address it.

  4. I could try to snag this before Saturday for you if you want:

  5. I've been admiring that as it's slowly come down in price but man that is still way high for me. However, for the SM3? sure! which one?

  6. excellent find! Those SM7's are very nice, at least the one I tried out at MTE was. Very comparable in feel to the early SM9's, but they look cooler (:


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