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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sticky keys


  1. Liberal application of isopropyl alcohol to the segment was what I had to do to unstick the keys of an SM-3. If you can find the source of the stick, you're halfway home. The other half its lots and lots and lots of use. NaNoWriMo is The Punisher.

    I always suspect the segment since you're not supposed to oil it, but it's right there in front... so tempting. Maybe a previous owner gave it a little drink.

  2. Well, I woulda said more lubricant but since you done tried that I say take some pliers and grab the type arm(s) in question and give 'em a real strong wiggle. You can get a feel for whether thy're sticking on the left or right and just give 'em a yank the other way. It's worked for me a time or two. Best of luck.

  3. Try Cyclo electric motor cleaner, available at most automotive stores.

  4. I think the alcohol is helping. Will check again tomorrow.

  5. I use carb cleaner, or acetone, or denatured alcohol, or whatever other kind of solvent I may have at the time. Brushing solvent into the segment with a stiff brush works sometimes. Other times I need to use carb cleaner and compressed air (requires taking the covers off the machine). I only use dry lube if I need to lube any type bars as a last resort: dry teflon like I use on my bicycle cables or dry graphite like used for locks.


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