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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do I call this group?

This group of typewriters is assembled for a mission.  I'll tell about it when they are deployed, but for now I need a name.
The Typosphere - what?
... Diplomatic Mission?
... Away Team?
... Strike Force?
... Posse?
... ???

The papers in the platens are:


  1. Sorry about the typos in the creed. It was the first one out and the longest, but I felt it really would resonate.

  2. I like Strike Force! It evokes the action of type slugs striking platen...

    Great job typing all those out; my favorite is J.B. Priestley's.

  3. I've been thinking about getting that Hemingway quote tattooed on my for many years now...It looks so pretty typed out. Hmmm...

    My vote is for Away Team. But being the Star Trek fan that I am I must insist you never pack any of them in a red case!

  4. Call it a grip of typewriters. That I feel to be a team name of writing machines.


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