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Friday, May 4, 2012

It's not a place of joy

You've read of my rescues from the bins.  This is a post about the things I leave behind.

copyright 1917, this one copy inscribed with a name and the year 1935, and stamped  "The Training School at Vineland, New Jersey"


  1. I'd love to run into all those old 78's. They are quite rare in the thrift stores around here. Hopefully since they are in sleeves and binders they will not get scratched or broken.

    Problem most people have with the 78's is having the correct stylus on their cartridge to properly play them.

    Were there any of the heavy ones in the bins? These are about 1//4 to 5/16 inch thick for playing on the old Victrolas.

  2. "An attractive moron who is a center of immorality" --- scientific discourse has certainly changed since 1917, but I think this terminology gives us a very clear picture!

  3. yeah Richard, that's the line that caused a spit-take. They were very matter-of-fact about it, just making observations. This was apparently a standard reference for many years. Bill, the records are all types. they charge 50 cents/disc, even if they come in a set. It could get expensive quickly and take up a lot of space.


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