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Monday, May 7, 2012

ribbon vibrators


  1. Sorry to hear of your ribbon vibrator problem. I have 2 Royals and both are easy to thread the ribbon. The old Companion uses a standard kind of ears to capture the ribbon and the Custom-III is the easiest I have ever seen. The vibrator ears open to capture the ribbon and then close to keep it in place. Why didn't all manufacturer's do that. My Adler is the worst to thread followed by the Hermes 3000s.

  2. Ribbon vibrators are finicky. Sometimes there is friction that's creating a problem, and you can (gently!) bend the thin metal of the vibrator away from the friction point. Sometimes the vibrator is poorly adjusted and the solution is simple -- WHEN you can find the deeply buried little screw, or whatever, that allows you to make an adjustment.


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