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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Auction quickie


  1. Mmmmm ... I'd guess that the third one is a '40s Royal QDL.

  2. Hmm....the color is right. I was concerned that it might be the Underwood from the lost patrol

  3. I think that it is a 1950s Smith-Corona. The handle is identical to both the one on the "Holiday Case" and the earlier wooden cases. These typewriters are very common in tweed cases like this one. The handle is too narrow and somehow "clunky" to be that of a Royal Quiet Deluxe. Also, notice the height of the bottom part of the carrying case.

    1. Thanks. So much of it had familiarity but I don't have a case just like that for anything in my own stable. I'm trying to figure out if the bid amount is one money for all or per item before I actually plunge. Auctions can be sneaky that way.

  4. The typosphere at its best - identifying typewriters by just a glimpse of their cases! Although the Studio 44 is unmistakeable and the SM-something cases are pretty distinctive too...

    Sadly, I fall far short of the expertise demonstrated above - I have no idea what is in the sewing machine case! I would wager some sort of Singer, but that is just because I know how common they are in the States...


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