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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Swintec sighting (sorry no pics)

(that B12 is long gone, by the way. I gave it away many months ago.)


  1. Few mentions indeed! Not even Swintec catalogs mention them; and a long time Swintec dealer I know had never heard of them until I told him about them. Having said that -- they're still Nakajimas, and in terms of getting the job done versus writing laboriously by hand for school work they fit the bill but they're not the greatest.

    I always try to remind myself though that not nearly everyone could affort a Silent-Super or some such, and that's why there are droves of Royals around like the Jet, Mercury, Gemini, et al made by Silver-Seiko, and the Nakajimas, and on and on.

    I'm reminded of passing on a Grant's 737 very very early in my collecting career, only to decide maybe I should have gotten it. By the time we made it way back out to where it was, it was long gone. It took a while to find another one, which I did.. and bought. That first look (on which I passed) was my first exposure to a Nakajima, even though at the time I hadn't figured that out yet.

    -Will Davis

  2. Argh, no picture? We still need a Swintec manual in the database :D


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