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Friday, October 11, 2013


This is where I stopped to type

When we went to the trail opening, we saw this.

When we got to the entrance to the park, there was the ranger waiting to stop people entering.


  1. What a great idea to loan typers to the Populaire screening.
    Happy that you chose Studio 44, not to mention Lettera 22 for the bikecast.

  2. Sounds like a pleasant ride, nonetheless, NA. How does the Lettera 22 handle potholes? That's a cool way to attach it to the bike, too! Looks like a saddlebag.

    1. It does pretty well. There is an oven rack under it mounted with zip ties (cable ties) to the frame and rack, Then the typers are held on with bungee cords.

  3. I don't understand how a forest can be called a facility. Surely, you just step over the silly sign and keep going. And how can a park be closed, by the same token... confused and slightly disappointed Brit.

  4. Very nice looking area. Reminds me of Virginia. Then it reminds me of Montana. I love the government nomenclature: facility. Or is it really a path leading to a facility ?

    Weather is getting much nicer here this time of year so I hoped to get to biketypecasting today. Turns out we are so busy I may be working the week ends through the rest of this month :( The bike and typecasts delayed even more.

  5. It's an actual rainforest - unusual in temperate zones. I really like it there - the quality of light on the lush green especially.


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