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Thursday, October 31, 2013

camera talk

Thanks, Ted, for the title idea.

samples from my first roll - 53 on a 24 exp roll!
and a couple of logos unrelated to the above topic:


  1. Eight bucks! Bargain! I have a late Sixties Trip 35 that is a little temperamental. The aperture blades are a little 'lazy', resulting in poor exposures. Found a great tutorial on how to solve this problem, but I may have to snag another Trip 35 in case I require parts.
    The Olympus Pen series from the Sixties are considered classics. And you get twice as many photos out of a roll of film, too.

  2. So the EE is a half-frame? I had the same thought about Lomography until the chap in the London shop explained. It is just photography with a Lomo (or a Lev or any other reinvented soviet-era Eastern Bloc camera) which was a relief.

  3. Hey, that thing takes pretty good pics! And there's Me, Tori and Abi! :D

  4. Oh, cool! My PEN-F lenses see some travel use when I want low light for the NEX-6. The body that came as a cap for the 38mm f1.8 is nonfunctional, but would be fun to try. It has a really spiffy titanium shutter. An EE would be a blast to play with!

    My fun find of the day is a Kodak Brownie Fiesta with a partial roll of 127 film still inside. I used the last frames on my girls and will probably send it out for developing to see if anything comes out.


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