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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Las Vegas with no typewriters - though I did hunt for them.

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saw this on the way back - that's code for something...

I used to put this stuff on Thai Airways about 23 years ago.  Their lovely logo hasn't changed.

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  1. I enjoyed the cultural experience, thanks!

  2. Vegas is my idea of hell, but hell is an interesting place!

  3. Nice trip report, wish there had been a typewriter or two - would have been grand if you'd managed to find a nice one that cost about what you profited from gambling (:

    We've got one of those Epic Thrifts here in town, it's pretty much a Goodwill clone, and I've picked up a couple of nice 60's SCMs there, a few lenses and some nice vintage paper scores. They're pretty good, and have frequent half-off sales.

    1. I know - I probably would have sprung for an average machine just for souvenir value.


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