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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two-day post

Bikecast Friday went by but though I carted the Rocket around, the only thing I typed on it was a name tag.  We went to see my niece at her school.

many bike racks - the sign of a good pub location.

aftermath of a good snack
Saturday's ride - light rain out, heavy returning.  About 75% of the parade was dry-ish, though it was still common to see princesses with wet hair.

my own bell-ringing effort, photographed by my wife.

crowded - I wasn't exaggerating


Marysville Strawberry festival court.

This used to be a major center for daffodil bulb growers, but most of the farms have been converted to commercial real estate.  I hope the same doesn't happen to the hops in central WA.

heck of a school mascot - some sort of logger.

Cool float from a maritime-themed festival in Port Orchard


  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
    Too bad about the farms. I wonder what we do when all the farms are gone.

  2. One of these years I'm going to make it to the parade, in one location or another! Thanks for taking us along.


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