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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Acquisition weekend

Today I picked up a couple of shopgoodwill wins.  Here's the typecast.

Here's the slide rule:

Last night my gaming friend gave me the sourcebook for a game I didn't know existed.  Some readers may get a kick out of it.  Once I run a game with it I'll type it up as a story.


  1. Hey, I remember that game! I never played it, but I recall seeing it advertised in some magazine (might have been a film mag, from memory).
    The Remington must have weighed a tonne. You didn't tie it to the back of the bike, did you?
    And I like the intricate nature and the attention to craftsmanship of those slide rules, NA.

  2. Sweet collection! Very nice. I rather like the Remington 10.

  3. Nice typewriter and nice slide rule! The Remington 10 hits like a hammer, and I rather like its overbuilt feel. It's not for the timid typist, for certain.

  4. I was thinking exactly what teeritz thought - how the hell did you get that home on your bike? Ive never typed onthose standard remingtons. Shopgoodwill has one locally... im scared to win t and bring it home


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