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Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite author

The setup:  The main character and friend are seeking the next link in the story he's researching on right-wing activities in the future (2003, iirc).  The US has splintered so the original 13 colonies are one governed zone, and they are in New Jersey.

They find him inside dealing a crooked game of Hearts.  What I love about this is that he just tosses it in for color, and then it's done and back to the plot.  They only take about three pages getting though the casino to talk to their man, but it's all funny.  A lot of times the joke passes in a sentence or two of passing conversation, not even with the character but heard by him or her.  Brilliant.  Goulart is also my writing hero for the career he's had.  He's done nonfiction also, as well as mysteries and even ghosted for others.  The man works steady and I'd love to know how he managed that career.

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