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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eugene's weekend

seen in an antique store, carriage didn't move.

Eugene met some Killdeer at the Moveable Feast

Auditioning for a role in the Chines Zodiac.  Rat is not impressed.

Nor is Tiger.

These figures float in on a marine parade at the start of the festival.

Here's Eugene making new friends at Kidical Mass

My Hatch pepper is ready.  Time to make enchiladas!

New briefcase - not bad for a buck!


  1. Chances are you're the only guy in Washington state -- nay, the US -- cycling with a pigeon and a typewriter.

  2. Eugene/Hunter has a myriad of identities, I'm sure. Is there some sort of biker-name generator? Maybe scatter some cracked corn on the keyboard and see what transpires?

    My daughters are immensely pleased to see how dapper he looks. He's a natural ambassador of cheer to kids, that's for sure. You'll know when it's time to pass him along. A type-out sounds just perfect.


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