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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Notebooks - my kryptonite.

This is not all, oh no.
Didja notice the UPS blue book?  That's from 1981.


  1. I know the feeling, NA. There are countless notebooks on my desk, all designed for one particular purpose or other. It is a pretty messy system (or lack thereof) that I have. However, I read this great blog post;

    ...and it got me thinking about a 'commonplace book'. I already have my own variation of it, but it's basically a notebook filled with to-do lists, screenplay/story/blog post ideas, model names and numbers of stuff that I see on my travels and errands, etc.
    Ideally, what I do these days is carry a pocket-sized Moleskine or Field Notes notebook for jotting things down in. Then, I either transfer what's important into larger notebooks specific to particular topics (i.e.- creative writings, blog post drafts/ideas) OR I use these pocket notebooks until they fill up or fall apart before transferring info that I wish to keep.
    I've almost got this system worked out to how I want it to run. Not exactly perfect, but it's better than it used to be where I would have a bunch of A5-sized notebooks laying around half-filled with irrelevant crap. And I decided long, long ago to avoid spiral-bound notebooks. As soon as the spiral bends, pages don't turn so easily.
    Methinks I'll have to do a post on this. Might be quite therapeutic. Maybe for the both of us!

    1. I've eyed those Field Notes books repeatedly. Having found all these, I can't really justify it.

    2. They're not too pricey. Here in Oz, they're about $12.oo for a pack of three. They last me a few months. Probably much cheaper in the US.


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