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Friday, November 7, 2014

Alfred, prepare the Bat-Typer!

Loaded with carbon ribbon (that was what was on those buzz-saw reels) it scans nicely.


  1. Yessiree, the M44 always looks like it's made from stretched rubber...until you try to lift it. How's it type, Ted?

  2. Heh, I don't know how it types, you should ask Peter :D

    1. Oh, No, Not Again! (heh, heh!)
      Dang, every now and then, I get somebody's name mixed up. I think we're all gonna have to wear name badges. Ahh well, that should be it for 2014.

      Hey Peter, how does it type?

  3. Man, that is a COOL machine. I like how it says "The" Olivetti M44. Happy noveling!

  4. It types very nicely. I still haven't found the serial no. One quirk is that the question mark is way over there under the color selector. And being British, it has all the eighths and quarters for the old money I assume.

  5. The fractions should come in more handy in your neck of the woods than over here in the UK since we went (well, most of us) over to metric. I have been delving into motorcycle owners group forums and all the American cousins talk about eighths and quarters and pints. It is an stunningly uncompromising 'look' the M44 has - you can see the heritage in the Lexikon.


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