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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Appleton thrift

first shop!
 At the third place, The bone threw me a bone.

We had passed a used bookstore on the way to the last thrift, and something made me ask to stop there on the way back.  We walk in and find this:
Pretty interesting guy.  This is the owner of  Shenandoah Books in Appleton, WI.  He's operating this Underwood 5 writing his newsletter.  He has 9 years left on his 50-year plan to bring the U.S. before the World Court for its treatment of native Americans.  That's a Gestetner blank in the machine, but he uses it on an A.B. Dick Mimeograph.  He also said he has a Hermes 3000 at home.


  1. Nice find - a guy still using a mimeograph machine. I wonder where he sources the stencils.. :D

  2. Wow -- a man on a mission with a mimeograph! Gotta love it. I, too, wonder where the stencils come from.


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