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Monday, December 15, 2014

biking downtown Seattle

We went to Goodwill to pick up a radio I won online, so of course a look at the shelves was in order.

twenty bucks? elite, I think

Bald Adler.  I was tempted to get it for the spring I need for my special, but didn't see a price.

they have an area set aside for nicer things.  This was forty bucks in there.

Then we got on the bikes, rode around downtown and looked for food outside the stadium where the football fans were assembling.  Protestors were blocking the hot dogs we wanted to price.

I always like to have a look here, they have a big shelf of machines.  You have to ask for help and I don't want to get their hopes up.

simplex machine with a difference.
  In this store I also found some slide rules priced too high and a Presto Blair book on animation for my niece that was surprisingly affordable.

Then we went home and I finished making my first batch of holiday chocolates


  1. I dare you to get that Metal-Typer and use it for metal typecasts.

  2. Wow - good thing I don't live in Seattle - the temptations would be overwhelming. And even at our local Salvation Army, they start out with prices near $100 for typewriters. Good thing, as I am not then tempted to cruise when dropping off donations. Fun photos from your little adventure.


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