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Monday, August 22, 2016

I've found a new nickname. And I bought another slide rule.

The Pickett N902-T is a starter rule for the beginning student.  I already have one (in box) in the collection, but I like to keep a spare around to give away when someone shows interest, because this model has instructions for use on the reverse.  It's the model I learned on in '77.

About the nickname, I listen to a lot of Old Time Radio, and many shows feature writers as protagonists.  In one I heard recently a friend of the writer was teasing him, saying, "I didn't say anything about the corn that comes out of your tripewriter."
I can't use it on nanaowrimo without losing all my past info, sadly.  But I'll find ways to work it in!

Lastly, in the local nano group (Sock Monkey Writers) has another typewriter user, who bought an SCM electric.  That will be fun to see.

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  1. aaah! Nano's coming up! O:

    Nice evangelistic Pickett :D


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