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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coffee time!

So this stuff served hot is good and sweet but all the videos say it's often poured into a glass of ice, and then it's quite like Thai iced coffee (which they never mention).  Southeast Asia is pretty hot so iced drinks would seem to be the thing.  It's been near freezing here so screw that for now.

One more thing - It was good to see a post from Adwoa!  I hope she knows how much she's been missed.


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    1. I've had that brewed by a local roaster. That's a good method too.

  2. I've been dabbling with Turkish coffee lately, NA. Can't say I've got the hang of it, though. My results don't come up with the same thick consistency as what I got from a local Middle Eastern eatery that I went to last month. I'm sure it takes some practice.
    Besides that, I'm still messing with the correct grind for the Moka beans that I've been buying for years now. I got sick of the staff in the shop getting the grind wrong. Takes me twenty minutes to get to the place and a 500g bag of beans costs me 22 bucks, so I hate it when they get it wrong...which is eight times out of ten. Amateurs.

    1. I found I was making it too weak at first. At the Greek festival I watched them do it. It's vexing to pay so much and it still isn't right.


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