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Saturday, January 28, 2017

selling off

I'm starting another round of thinning the collection.  I had a coincidence to kick things off.
I called on a new consignment shop and the proprietor said she'd been asked for them.  The day after I selected four for her shelf, I get a text from my niece - she has a friend in the market for a typewriter.  So in the back-and-forth i got out of him that he wants to use if for scripts.  So that means I need to present working machines with tabs.  Here are the candidates.

6lt2-154713  This is the earliest Classic 12 I ever found. I never use it though, and I don't want to have it just to have it.

488788  this will be priced high.  It's in great shape.

I'll let him try this but it's still balky.  The carriage grinds, for one thing.

This one is also excellent, and has the cleaning kit too.  I just don't use it much.

In related news, I went to the bins and found a typing manual.

There's my FP, and an underwood I sold over a year ago.

The Remington has a body similar to my big noiseless with the tiny typeface, and that looks like my 88.


  1. W o W
    I love your huge, enormous Olympia SG 3!! :D
    I also like your Nice & Neat Olivetti Studio 44. xD

  2. It's always good to be able to provide a typewriter for someone who desires one. Spread the love.

  3. DEFINITELY the SM9 for screenwriting! Without a doubt. Setting tabs, which can be a chore, will be a lot easier with that machine. And if it's in good condition, it'll easily handle draft after draft after draft. Because nobody writes a good screenplay the first time around. Best of luck to him.

    1. I thought the same, but he was looking for a particular aesthetic. I'll keep him posted on the next batch going out and see if he's interested in any of them.


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