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Friday, March 3, 2017


I've been pretty busy, including a trip to Bristol, RI for a wedding by way of Boston.  Just before leaving, I brought home this:

It seems to work fine, except it has the Royal margin weakness.  That will be the first thing I look up in Ted's book!

So when I got a phone call from Tacoma Thrift and Consignment that the Studio 44 and Classic 12 had sold and she had a check for me, I decided to take her the HH, which bugged me because of that heel-of-the-hand shift thing, and another Classic 12 - this one in script. The young shopkeeper, who had been quite enthusiastic about selling typewriters, really liked this one, as can be seen by her facebook post:

Here's an enlargement of the message she typed on it for the photo:

Someone asked how much and she said it had already sold.  I hope she charged plenty.  I may suggest she take bids on the next script typer.  And there will be another...


  1. wow, I can't even *give* away script SCM's in this town. I need to be sending them out-of-state apparently :D

    1. Wow that's a surprise! Maybe you should send them along.

  2. Hi Peter.
    I've been off the typewriter radar for a couple of years. I've been thinking about doing another type-in up here in Snohomish again soon. Would you be interested?
    I hope you are well!

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