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Monday, January 31, 2011

rubber stamp

forgot the word "Happy" in there.


  1. Cool stamp. I'd like to learn how to do that because I would like to have one for letters.

    Thanks for the help with promoting the type-in. Re-posting the flyer is great, as was calling Jim from craigslist.

    Unfortunately I cheated with the typewriter picture. While I have a Remington that looks similar, my wife was kind of to design part of the flyer and she found the picture somewhere on the internet. I hope that doesn't ruin the whole event for you. :)

    All of the machines you are bringing sound great. I have a late Remington portable for a door prize but having a second typewriter to give away would be great. Thanks for helping.

    By the way, some of my typewriters could be available for trading if there are any that interest you.

  2. This is truly the spirit! Not only hosting an event, but giving away a typewriter as a door prize. ITAM is full force!

  3. stamp carving is easy with the right tools, and they're cheap at craft stores. swapping machines is something I wanted to see happen at type-ins, but we don't know what we all have. I have two techno Olympias, I could give up one for something else, also an SM3 in standard pica type for something interesting.

  4. Ooh, I'd be ineterested in the SM-3. I plan on bringing nearly every machine I own so maybe we'll talk it over at the type-in?


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