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Monday, January 17, 2011

SM3 - NO. 3

Why "Theo?"


  1. Nice score! I've been eyeballing that SM-3 for a few days but have been unable to get to Tacoma. I'm glad it went to a worthy home.

  2. You guys (meaning out there is Washington) do seem to come across a lot of Olympias. I've yet to see an SM3 out in the wild, here in Indiana.

    When I picked up my SG1 last year, it came with a ton of little correction sheet "tabs". Some of them still in the blister packaging and others just in a ziplock. I put a stack in my desk drawer, but have yet experimented with it.

    I too, just let the typos live.

  3. Correcting all my mistakes would soon suck the pleasure out of typewriting for me. That's what the letter X is for!

  4. I like to say they're on purpose like the single intentional flaw in a persian rug only i'm an overachiever.


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