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Friday, January 28, 2011

Snohomish type-in

Numerous recent typewriter ads are by the same seller and end this way:
 "I have other typewriters for sale and you can use my number to view them. Ribbon for this machine is easily available. I also repair typewriters so keep me in mind if you need one fixed. No charge if I can’t fix it. Call Jim"
and a phone number.  typically they are listed in NE Seattle.  I'm thinking of calling him about a machine.  If I do so, should I invite him to the type-in with some of his wares or are we trying to be more social and use oriented?
With Ryan's RSVP I'll bring the Chinese machine if he thinks he can get it home ok.  It's lightweight plastic.


  1. I think it adds a lot to have a typewriter repair tech to a type-in. Plus, its mutually beneficial.

    I'd say, invite him.

  2. I say invite him if he wants to hang out and play with typewriters all afternoon.

  3. Of course, bring him in to the fold.

  4. He said he'd be there, sounded pretty stoked. Also will bring me a Hermes Rocket he has for sale. I've been looking for one.


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