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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Desert Botanical Garden

The name Elettra has the added advantage of being an anagram of Lettera.  The Signorina in the novels is a secretary for the police whose past is a mystery but who has connections in banking and is able to dig up useful info for the investigations. Guido Brunetti is smart enough not to ask where it comes from or how she does it.

This is where I tapped out the following:


the Ethiopian food was delicious!


  1. What beautiful photos! And I love Ethiopian - it's why their people are so attractive. It's just such a hoot to see average people go ga-ga over a typewriter! I hauled them around, literally for decades, unnoticed and now they're celebrities!

    Richard K/Texas

  2. I wish I'd thought of the name Elettra -- perfect.

  3. So sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you guys, but I am glad that you has a chance to see the Botanical Garden. When you see the immense variety of plants that are in the desert you can't help but appreciate it's special beauty. It took me a long time to see that this is a beautiful part of the world, it's just not the same kind of beauty you see in other places. Next time you are in town, we'll have to have lunch.

  4. Great photos. Looks like a nice place to typecast. There aren't many places like this in Switzerland.

  5. The weather was unusually mild the week I was there - it even rained twice! Even the temp was comfortable that afternoon, when it should have been near 100. The whole mood of the typecast would have been different for sure in the heat.

  6. I see you got a pic of one of my favorite desert trees:

    the Boojum Tree! :D


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