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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday short note

This is the cat who broke my camera.  He got tangled in the lanyard and it "chased" him up the stairs.


  1. Cute cat. I'm thinking he's thinking something like, "I didn't break the camera! It broke itself while trying to attack me!"

    I'm not sure if I'll get any time off in November or not. I even have to work the day after Thanksgiving. And work has been chewing me up and spitting me out lately...I come home too brain tired to think much.

    I'm also getting wisdom teeth pulled on Halloween. Granted, if there's one day of the year when it's socially acceptable to wander around mumbling and drooling blood, that's probably it...but it may not be conducive to getting NaNoWriMo off to a great start.

    I enjoyed reading about your Nevada trip!

  2. That sucks! Well, at least he didn't break that sweet-lookin' Lettera...

  3. "Cat broke the camera". Is this a new version of "Dog ate the homework"? My cat loves, loves anything hanging. I currently have this laptop on top of an Adler and he's eyeing the cords coming off the bottom of the desk-thanks for sharing! Richard/Texas


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