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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is becoming one of my better business trips

Having never been to the Phoenix area before I'm getting quite the experience out of it.  I'm out of my comfort zone in many ways but for short durations that is pleasantly stimulating.  The heat has been bearable between a/c islands, I've managed to find my way around thanks to android, the sun is not as blinding as expected - a major surprise. Today I got to see a dust storm obscure the mountains. Ick, but cool to see from inside just the same.  
Tonight I dine with an old meatspace friend (we met in jr high), Tomorrow I test the 22 (I expect to be satisfied enough to retake possession and use it) and meet up with Rev and Tori, then Thursday I have tentative plans to make another visit to Mesa to see the ham radio station.  Friday I leave on the redeye, leaving me perhaps enough time to see a museum or something?  I will ask my friend.

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