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Sunday, August 18, 2013

catching up

Switched to the QDL at the end there. Ribbon advance (spool fit) issue.


  1. I wondered if you'd like it. In some ways it's like Ayn Rand's stuff in that get gets ranty sometimes, but you have to admit the story moves along. I'm also curious about the movie - might as well keep an open mind about it. (:

    1. Funny you should mention Rand, that was the vibe I got all through it. Unlike Rand, I'm not sorry I ever read this one.

  2. I know what you mean about struggling through a book if it doesn't thrill you, NA. Life's too short for bad literature.
    And yeah, I'm no fan of people being nasty to each other, either. There's enough of that going on in the real world without having to sit through it on TV or at the movies.
    And don't even get me started on "Survivor"!
    Probably another reason why I watch less television these days and play more games.

    P.S.- I've seen the PC-compatible version of "Metal Gear Solid" selling on eBay, in case you're interested.

    1. I have seen a few ways of obtaining it too. It looks interesting. The closest I've ever come was when I played a fair bit of Duke Nukem.

    2. I have a vague memory of having played Duke Nukem, but Metal Gear was a whole different ball game. The third and fourth games in the series were a more satisfying emotional experience than almost every movie I've seen in a decade. Believe it or not.
      I would almost say skip the first two and start with MGS3, but the completist in me suggests starting at the beginning. Word of warning, though- if you already spend too much time on a computer, then these games probably won't help. But they're a blast.


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