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Saturday, August 31, 2013

friday bikecast with a guest

She did eventually decide to try it out.  she hit a couple of y's and then typed her name.  She told us she will be 7 in October and will get a bigger bike.  She was a very chatty kid and quite cute keeping us company.


  1. I'm happy she tried your typewriter. Maybe she will be a new young typosphereian.

    One reason I like the Baby, Luxe and Skyriters is I can fit some paper in the case very unobtrusively and be ready to type as soon as I can thread it.

    1. Normally I have paper in most of my portables but for some reason either it fell out or I forgot to refill it in the Rocket. Being the smallest, it's the most likely one for my wife to bring me.


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