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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quiet is relative

A quiet typewriter and a noisy pc keyboard, meeting in te m
On my way home (to return later), I stopped by my main Goodwill and at the bins. The bins were a bust, but the main goodwill had a space saver Model M from 1987.  I intend to sell it, as I like the number pad that it lacks.
obviously the space saver is the upper one...

It had no cable, but my other one fit it.  Should I sell it without, telling the buyer to find a cord online?  Or should I find one myself and increase the reserve?  I've never sold on ebay so I'll take advice. 


  1. I'd list it so that the bidding ends on a weekend, take some good photos and write up clever copy -- "the writer's favorite! A classic!" etc.. No reserve. My dad eBay's stuff regularly, and starts everything at 99 cents, to make the barrier to bidding low. Let the market decide the pricing. I wouldn't mess with including a cable, but link to places where they can get one, and be sure to mention that you've tested every key. You did test every key, right?

    Glad you like the QDL. It is darn pretty to look at, that's for sure.

    1. I did test every key, but I'm going to take it to work and stress-test it there to be sure. That will also let me know whether it's disruptive in the office which, if so, might at least make for good ad copy. I'm amazed how clean and little-used it was. I suspect the cord was lost early in its life.

    2. Oh, and thanks for the advice!


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