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Thursday, June 16, 2011

favorites week - Studio 44 script

I'm not happy with how blurry the scans get after they pass through flickr.  any advice?

make that four cartridges - one's a 2-pack

 These are balls for Selectric II.  I don't know if they fit a first gen, but I know they don't fit the III.
I listed them some time ago but haven't yet found the post to link to.  I'll do it again if there is interest.


  1. "Me", says Michael Höhne.

    Jeez, could there be a less "IBM" box? Olivetti, maybe...

  2. it *was* 1972, the era of Peter Max and all those colors everywhere. I'm wondering if the box itself has value to collectors of IBM ephemera. I don't believe those were the original contents - possibly the cleaning tools which I don't have.

  3. I think you need to have a pro account with Flickr to prevent image re-sizing and formatting. It's a bugger of a problem and the reason I stopped using them (and Photobucket for the same reason not much later). I think there might be a typosphere-friendly pro account somewhere (Mr Clemens?)

  4. Not me. But yes, I'd say those IBM ephemera would be very collectible, with or without contents. Not just ypers. Anyone interested in graphic arts would like them. PS: I love the script and hate the script at the same time. The cap C is a gem. And the double line spacing appreciated by this reader.

  5. PS: regarding rino's comment. I find uploading 1000px jpegs via blogger to my Picasa account works well enough, and less clunky that a trip to flickr (which my free account is maxed-out on anyway).

  6. PPS: If you want mega pics, you can always open a free 2Gb dropbox account. Anything you put in your 'public' folder has a url which you can use in blogger and elsewhere. That's what I have to do to run my animated gifs.

  7. Yeah that "C" is the best! I like the single-space because of the crowding - handwriting often crowds that way too. I was looking at picasa, I may have to try it.

  8. "Me!", "¡Yo!", "Ich, auch," "Moi aussi"

  9. me I have about 15 IBM selectrics around.

  10. I'd love to throw my hat into the ring. I have a II and a III that work flawlessly. Still hunting for a working 72 someday.

  11. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for your great note! :)

    I'm Gigi, the passionate instructor working on an unique project using vintage typers, and quite interested in your IBM 'treasure kit.' :)

    My blog(s) will be going live very soon, days actually-- as we are deciding on the most popular/well received name(s) for the typosphere... Perhaps I ought to share them here with your friends for a bit of feedback, if you don't mind? I'm flattered that so many people have asked me to do blogging, as I have been collecting for only a short while. I just love 'sharing the wealth' of information!

    Two blog names comes to mind, and I will use both of them, pages being prepared as I speak-- just wanted to start off with one of them, for right now. It's either 'Smashing Type' and 'The Typologist' (the latter because of my extensive research on typers, so much that Will Davis asked me to guest author with him in the near future! The former is because I used to handset type for the letterpress, and 'graduated' to great typers... exploring why the typers were designed the way they are, like automobiles with their great designs :).

    Gotta say this:

    I'm honored to make my very first appearance here in the typosphere, and many thanks for asking me to do so on your blog! (I confess, I'm a little bit scared- there's a bit of quaking in my boots! :)

    Thanks again!

    Warmly, Gigi :) aka TypeBarMaid

  12. I have an 1954 IBM electric typewriter. Didn't know what how much interest is out there for this antique.

  13. Me, if I'm not too late.

  14. Hmmm...didn't take my name. The above comment is deek from typeclack.


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