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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Royal Portable

I brought home a Royal Portable, which looking at the 2nd model on MOLG, I think this must be the first model, but I can't find a photo for verification.  I'll ask on the groups.  I was working on a typecast about it but the cat got on my lap so it will have to wait.  meanwhile here are photos!

I did find a pic on the Portable Typewriter Reference Site


  1. It looks like an early one as the ribbons are exposed. That shift key has to be smallest ad ever - very entrepreneurial of the original seller.

  2. Nice. If I may ask, where'd you find this beauty?

    I'm so fascinated by that Lilliputian shift key ad!

  3. Yep. This is in fact a first model, probably from 1926-1932-ish. I'd say it's an early one too, judging by the serial no.

  4. Gorgeous machine. I love the early Royal portables and I've always had a soft spot for white keys.

  5. 'Tis beautiful.

    *wants it*

    *but can't have it*

    The story of life. ;)

  6. I believe I have this very same machine. Purchased this weekend at a garage sale for $5. I believe it is a 1933 or 1934 from research I've done. Mine is numbered P18502. Anyone know any more about it? White keys also. No advertising on mine. Also, there is no decal on the front of mine and it's very clean, not sure there ever was one.

  7. Wow Julia yours is even earlier than mine! I think they are both from about 1928.

  8. Actually, according to my NOMDA list of Royal Portables, both P18502 and P41393 would have been manufactured in 1927. Royal Portables started in 1926 with serial #1, then 1927 ranged between #6000 and #56500, then 1928 was 56500 to 114500.

  9. Cool! thank you Ted! I still don't have a single machine from the 30's.

  10. I have one with P89080. so was it made in 1928? it's black in color.


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