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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sad news this week

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  1. Sorry to hear about the closure of the park.

  2. Hm...what day were you thinking of coming down? Saturday? That's right in my neck of the woods. I know you said the time isn't set in stone, impromptu type-in could be fun. if you had a guesstimate!

    I'm thinking maybe I could strap the Lettera 33 to the back of my bike--test the little guy's portability!

  3. We're thinking Sunday anywhere from 11 to 3. We'd probably go down between 10 and 11 (just a guess based on past rides), ride from the quarry to the park and back, then she wants to swim which would give me time to type.

  4. I think a more or less impromptu country type-in could be a lot of fun! I have stuff going on in the morning, so I probably couldn't *ride* down there with a typewriter (much though I like that idea), especially since I'm still sadly out of shape and slow...but I could probably meet you at the park at some point! It's at the park, no, the quarry pond? As often as I've been down to that end of the trail, I should know...but I don't.

    Maybe I could shoot you an e-mail back channel with my phone number and you could call or text to let me know when you're headed this way? I may not be able to answer in the morning, but I'd keep an eye out for any messages.

  5. sounds good. you have my email don't you?

  6. I had some issues with the carriage lever screw on my Quiet-Riter, but at last I managed for figure it out. (Apart from doing numerous other things, finally) I taped the base of the lever down with painters tape and then unscrewed the lever screw top while holding the screw nut underneath with a screwdriver (I had it fall off perviously and it was a real pain to get it back on given such a tight space). Then I slowly screwed it back in trying to align the bottom nut as perpendicular as possible. I hope my explanation makes sense and maybe helps a little. the bottom nut may also be missing or stripped.

  7. thank you I will take another look at it!


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