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Sunday, June 26, 2011

field day finds

Field Day was fun last night, now it's time to crash.

I'll scan this soon

I found online a link to another Sears Cutlass that instead was a Royal Safari variant.

hood scoop and racing stripes!

Now that I have a Galaxie and a Cutlass, maybe it's time for a post on car-named and themed typewriters.
Mr. Messenger will get to it eventually, probably starting with the super-G.


  1. Indeed, that's a great pair of finds! (:

  2. Man, some guys have all the luck. Congrats!

  3. Wow! The Sears looks great! Congratulations to this find!

  4. Thanks all! So to make room, the brown Classic 12 and the older Classic 12 gotta go. Also the Penney Caravelle 10 giveaway fell through, so it's up for grabs too. I may try a nearby pop-culture shop or etsy (or both) Has anyone any experience with etsy?

  5. That Cutlass is mighty handsome. Wow. A keeper for sure, even more so with the typeface.


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