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Saturday, September 17, 2011

leftover pictures

In the thrift stores I've taken photos of (mostly) electrics I have not brought home, but haven't had time to post them.
saw this today in the bin

also in the bin



oh the humanity!  svdp is a mess

missing rocker switches - found two this way!

in a cardboard box inn the bin, was actually tempted it was in such nice shape


  1. That's a lot of interesting stuff, but I can see why you passed it up.

    I am seeing more and more printers, monitors, keyboards from the "early" days of personal computing in the thrift stores these days. What's going to happen to all that hardware -- landfill?

  2. Yes, Cameron: the landfills are full of obsolete information technology hardware. There are people who sift through the rubble looking for valuable materials -- or information still on hard drives.

    [By the way, notagain, I've got a keytop for you and will gladly accept your SC logo -- drop me a line to confirm.]

  3. Ech. It's kind of painful to witness this kind of "missing link" hardware that existed between retro writing machines and the current technology.


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