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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ribbons the hard way

Inspired by this post, and determined to wring at least one smidgen of benefit from the training of my (soon to be) replacements in Mumbai, I asked the colleague who was making the journey if he could look for ribbons next trip.  He got the team involved and came through with 4ea red/black and 6ea black.   The best part? My colleague wouldn't let me reimburse him for the ribbons or the postage, saying I had been so much help to him explaining things to the team.  Too bad that won't fit on the C.V.

It looks like there is a virtual monopoly over there, as I ended up with the same brand as Vikram did.  I've only tried one, in the Silver Reed.  It seemed fine.


  1. That's flippin' awesome! Sure beats the five bucks I'm payin' at Office Depot.

  2. Way to make lemonade! :)

    Kores seems to be a pretty active manufacturer; a friend in Portugal once sent me some of their ribbons.


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