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Thursday, September 8, 2011

so busy

good luck following this mess...

Started Tuesday, not finished until Thursday (and not really finished either).
I just deleted an entire paragraph.  I wonder why I'm so reluctant to talk/write about myself?

So what I had been saying was that taking the GRE put me on a mailing list.  I've heard from 4 colleges so far but they don't seem to have really looked at my records, and since my scores are still months away they can't have those yet either.  They are just touting their programs so far.  As they are all far away I'm not going to ask for any more info.  I don't want to go into it without a scheme for the outcome.  Still, it's interesting.  I suspect application fees are a revenue stream?  Anyway the trickle of ads is a little upsetting since I don't want to miss it later if I'm actually sought after.  Do they do that?  If not I'll chuck them all.  What I really want is to decide which societal problem bugs me the most and try to get education/work fixing that.  I need to start analyzing my feelings on that.

On the NaNo front, I'm proofing my book for createspace publication.  If I can do it this year I wondered if it really has to be a "novel" or can I write nonfiction this time?  I mean I'm sure the upload doesn't care, but do the organizers or other participants? 



  1. I'm just glad I have typewriters that work at all. And I agree, the 3 is just plain fun. I hope you turn up to meetings with a typer.


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