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Thursday, December 8, 2011

bin there left that

followers of g+ will know I left two interesting ones in the bins this week.I was sorely tempted both times but just had to leave them.  One was an 88 cosmetically much cleaner than mine, but the keys were sticky and for some reason some were not making the full trip to the platen.  sigh.

The other was an electric - SCM, mid-sixties, very clean, fired right up.  I only checked it because the typeface looked non-boring.  The small sample I took looks just like my Hermes 3000 techno typeface.  It also used a standard SCM ribbon and the one inside was very good.  I should have taken it just for that.
Has anyone successfully transplanted the basket from an electric to a manual?  It would be nice to have a techno classic 12...


  1. Very interesting take the electric's basket and put it into a manual.

  2. How is that possible that there are "always" typewriters in the bins un the U.S. and none here in Switzerland?

  3. That'd be hard for me to pass up. Ever since I got rid of my 88, I wish I'd find another locally. Very nice machine when they're fully functional.


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